Regional Policies towards Greening the Social Housing Sector





2016 - 2021



Interreg Europe Programm Programme





Croatia Regional Energy Agency North Region (HR)

Alba Iulia Municipality (RO)

City of Mizil (RO)


CCDR-Norte (PT)




The proposed project entitled “Regional Policies towards Greening the Social Housing Sector” is oriented to jointly tackling the topic of housing deprivation and energy efficiency in the scope of social housing sector towards a lower carbon economy. Through interregional cooperation, regions will identify, share and transfer innovative methodologies, processes and good practices in developing and implementing greener social housing sector policies, targeting new constructions or retrofitting existing buildings



The overall objective of the project is to improve regional policy instruments targeting the link between social housing sector and fuel poverty with green building interventions considering policy, institutional, financial and technical levels.


Within this interregional learning process (phase 1 - 5 semesters) the regions involved in the project will develop important outputs, namely: self-assessment reports, good practices guides and regional action plans. Following the phase 1, it will start a period with the duration of four semesters - phase 2, focused on monitoring the implementation of the action plans developed previously and a final result report will be produced to summarize its achievements.


For do so, study visits, good practices workshop, local stakeholders meetings, among other dissemination events will be organized.


The partnership includes 8 partners from 6 countries (Portugal, Spain, Croacia, Estonia, Sweden, Romania), with capacity to influence the policy instruments related to greening the social housing sector. One advisory partner, Nordregio (Sweden) will provide scientific and technical support to the consortium. The other partners, mainly municipalities, energy agencies and Managing Authorities will jointly work in the development of the main project's activities, namely preparation, implementation and monitoring.


Other important results are::

•              Successful exchange of experiences and identification and analysis of good practices with the aim of developing and improving regional low carbon economy policy

•              14 good practices successfully transferred

•              6 regional/local policies and instruments improved;

•              42 people with increased professional capacity due to their participation in interregional cooperation activities.



Social Green in the Experience Fair in Sofia

2018-04-27 News

Representatives of the Social Green project have participated in the Experience Fair seminar, an international event organized by the Interreg Europe program, which brought together in Sofia (Bulgaria) from April 24 to 25 all the European projects that are part of the program, representatives of Ministries, Regions and Local Entities...

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AGENEX will coordinate a new european initiative

2018-04-27 News

The Extremadura Energy Agency (Agenex), lead partner of Finerpol project, will coordinate the European initiative FIRESPOL "Financial Instruments for Renewable Energy Sources", through which new public and private financing channels will be designed for the development of renewable energy projects. In FIRESPOL "Financial Instruments for Renewable Energy Sources", six representatives of national and...

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Sofía, next stop of ENERSELVES project

2018-04-04 News

Last 24-25 April, ENERSELVES project will participate in the Experience Fair, an Interreg Europe event which was be held in Sofía, Bulgaria. All Interreg Europe projects were invited to take part in this meeting with the aim of share and exchange experiences in a two-day event on 24-25 April 2018. it brought a...

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First eTEACHER progress meeting, a project to empower energy education

2018-03-13 News

The eTEACHER Consortium met for two days for its first progress meeting hosted by the partners of Nottingham City Council to assess achievements to date and plan the coming project period.    On the 1st and the 2nd of March, the eTEACHER project consortium gathered in Nottingham, UK, for its first progress...

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AGENEX and the Regional Ministry of Health and Social Policies Of Extremadura sign an agreement to incorporate energy efficiency measures in the reform and construction of health buildings.

2017-11-30 News

The director of AGENEX, Cosme Segador, the Minister of Health and Social Policies, José María Vergeles, and the managing director of the Social Services System in Extremadura, Consolación Serrano, have signed an agreement through which AGENEX will provide technical advice to the Regional Government of Extremadura for the start-up of...

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The ESE funding model under discussion at FICON

2017-11-27 News

  Extremadura Energy Agency, in collaboration with the Directorate General of Architecture of the Regional Goverment of Extremadura, organized last Friday at FICON (Iberian Construction Fair) a roundtable discussion on "The model of energy services in the integral rehabilitation of buildings".   The table, which is part of the European project FINERPOL -...

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AGENEX collaborates in the elaboration of the Extremadura 2030 Strategy

2017-11-24 News

Extremadura will be greener and more efficient. This is the objective of the new model of regional development that the Junta de Extremadura will promote through "EXTREMADURA 2030", a green and circular economy strategy in which AGENEX is collaborating in its preparation contributing ideas, experience and the results of the...

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Extremadura Minister of Economy presents Interreg Europe Seminar on Low Carbon Economy policies

2016-12-23 News

Yesterday 22th of December, the Minister of Economy and Infrastructures Mr Jose Luis Navarro opened the Seminar about Policies for promotion of Low Carbon Economy in Extremadura. The seminar was attended by 150 people from the energy sector, specially SMEs and sectorial associations, which learned the new ERDF aids that the...

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