extremadura energy

Energy business in Extremadura

The promotion of a clear energy policy has allowed the quick growth of the Extremadura energy sector from 2007 to 2014. This growth has been structured in two directions: the increase of energy generation by renewable energies; and the promotion of new business models through ESCOs.

In terms of RES for electricity generation, companies have focused on the 3 big energy resources of the region: sun, biomass and wind.

  • Solar: photovoltaic energy has been the main driver of the energy industry, with 20% of national power installed. Moreover, Extremadura region gathers >30% of Spanish concentrated solar power (CSP) projects.
  • Wind energyhas also been boosted more than 97 wind parks have been installed up until 2017 and in 2016 Extremadura produced almost 6.000 GWh
  • Biomassis nowadays an emerging sector, due to the large quantity of available resources of the region. Many plants are being promoted and the total installed power has grown from 1,3 GWh in 2009 to more than 37 GWh in 2017.



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