The Extremadura Energy Agency (AGENEX) mission:

  • To support local and regional policy makers in the definition of strategies and directives allowing to achieve Regional, National and European targets in the field of energy.
  • To booster the implementation of green technologies (both Renewable Energy Sources RES and Energy Efficiency EE) in the day to day of citizens, by promoting RTD projects, funding sectorial initiatives, supporting project promoters, etc.
  • To promote the mentality change in general public, customers, users and decision makers of the entire society, by providing awareness actions, training, information campaigns, etc.



  • The Extremadura Energy Agency (AGENEX) vision:
  • To place Extremadura in a main position as RES producer at National and International levels, especially in the bioenergy and solar sectors.
  • To convert Extremadura into a national reference on the promotion of RES and EE policies, technologies and employments.
  • To promote a strong energy sector allowing to increase the regional economy, employment and rural development.