Agenex contracts carried out during the last 10 years can be gathered in 3 main axes of actions:

  • Axe I. Green technology promotion (Renewable energy sources RES and Energy Efficiency EE). Agenex has been granted with several contracts at European and National level for the promotion of Renewable energy, energy efficiency and green mobility.
  • Axe II. Planning of the energy sector. Agenex has large experience in energy planning at local and regional level, covering the whole energy chain from fossil fuels, to green technologies.
  • Axe III. Capacity building and awareness.

Axe I. Green technology promotion (Renewable energy sources RES and Energy Efficiency EE)


RES technologies are promoted through the Renewable Energy Department

Extremadura has exceptional natural resources and large energy exploitation potentials due to the big country surfaces, high number of sun hours and sweet water availability.

These conditions have produced that the bioenergy production and consumption had increased by 3 in the last 4 years, while the solar sector places the region in the top national positions counting both CSP and PV energies.




RES technology Promoted kW
Biomass 500
PV 400
Geotermal 50
Other 119
In a regional sector with 1.500 RES MW installed, Agenex has contributed to this technology implementation through projects in buildings and the support actions which have achieved to more than 1.000kW promoted in the past 5 years.




EE technologies are promoted through the Energy Saving and Efficiency Department. 
The local and regional authorities are deployment measures to reduce the energy consumption in public buildings, public services, transport and industry, in order to achieve the European 2020 strategy.

Agenex work has been focused EE promotion on two main activities:
  • ESCO sector integration. Private-Public Partnerships in the energy sector through ESCOs is a new concept in the region, so Agenex has been defining models and tender processes for applying PPP in Public lighting, EE on building, transport, etc.


  • Energy audits is another of the tool promoted in public buildings and industry. During the last years, AGENEX has carry out near 200 energy audits to relevant buildings of the region, and it is currently developing more than 150 new audits for 2011 and 2016:



Axe II. Planning of the energy sector

Agenex has large experience in directives definition, strategies design and implementation, monitoring and assessment of planning, etc.
The main Plans that Agenex has elaborated , in cooperation with local and regional policy makers, are:

  • Regional Plan for EE and RES 2010-2020

  • Energy Balances 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2013,

  • 3 Regional Strategies for Cohesion Funds implementation 2014-2020 in bioenergy, EE and RES.

  • Policy impact assessment in bioenergy, PV, and EE.



Axe III. Capacity building and awareness.

During the last 4 years AGENEX has trained more than 10.000 people in seminars, information campaigns, support actions, etc. related to green business and environmental protection.