Financial crisis has reduced the capacity of public and private owners when implementing energy investment in EE and RES. In this new frame, the investment though Public-Private Procurement (PPP) has increased its importance and necessity.
Extremadura Region is promoting different measures and initiatives to foster the energy investment in order to reach the 2020 targets, most of the initiatives are streamed through Energy Performance Contracting EPC and Energy Service Companies ESCOs.

The most relevant initiative is the contract signed between the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Extremadura Energy Agency (Agenex) for the development of the Global Roadmap for Energy Efficiency and New Energy Resources in Extremadura (GREENER-EX).



GREENER – Extremadura is the name of the project approved by the EIB in the framework of the Elena Facility.

ELENA is a European Facility aiming, through technical assistance, at supporting regional or local authorities in accelerating their investment programmes in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources

GREENER-Ex will support a large investment programme including 163 municipalities, two County Councils and the Regional Government.

The investment will be mainly achieved through Public-Private Partnerships, including ESCOs as investment promoters.

The funding programme will reach 46M€:

  • EE and RES in Buildings: 18M€
  • Street lighting: 23M€
  • Mobility: 4M€

AGENEX also develops initiatives in other programmes such as H2020 (Innovate) and Interreg SUDOE (Rehabilite) that open the way for a more active role of the Energy Sector Companies in Extremadura.